Alhamdulillah .

26th of June , 2012 .

1 YEAR . We know each other well even we're not really like each other before . We became a friends , and the funniest thing was when we called 'b & bby' but that time we still friends . I hate him when the first time we met and after that , I love to be shared anything to him . Thanks Allah .

17th of July , 2012 .

6 MONTHS . InsyaAllah , everything gonna be okayy ! It doesn't matter how long we get fight , how long we get frowned , we're still love each other . Thanks Allah gave me chance to meet him .  Even I hate him when the first time we met but it just make my heart open for him . On his birthday , I was accepted him and promise to be a partner as well as I can .

Dear Boyfriend ,

I know I make too many fault and sometimes my attitude was too jerk . But please know that I really love you and when I dislike what was you did , it just to tell you that I want the perfect thing for you . I'm not dominate you but what I said before , I just want a perfect thing for you . Please accept me who I am . I never be another person when I with you sayangg . I LOVE YOU , ;) . 

Sincerely ,

We're perfect each other !


Fullstop .

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